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My friend David Steinlicht was good enough to make a Mysterio for me in his “All Small” style! You see, David is a cartoonist, and a graphic designer, and a layout monkey, and a crop/seed artist, and a typophile, and a postcard artist/enthusiast, and he likes Robocop, and he is the biggest Jackie Chan fan I have ever met! His cartoons are made with simple (yet stylized) vector drawings. Although the art is clean and simple, that lets the reader get straight to the point — which is the joke! David’s weekly cartoon is printed in the St. Paul Pioneer Press and can be found on his In This Corner blog every Thursday. His older non-syndicated works can be found at Oh, and lastly his awesome crop art can be seen here at! The site is run by him, but features lots of other folks’ work. Check em all out!

Check out this cool halftone version!


This sketch is brought to you by Daniel J. Olson. He gave me a little back story to go with this image… Mysterio takes off his gauntlets when he poops, it’s a comfort thing I guess. But over the years the dye from the gauntlets has rubbed off on his suit which has stained his hands light green. Got it?!

Dan is a 24 hr comic making maniac! You can check out the adventures of Bret Blackberg here! Dan also has other ongoing comic projects such as Super Maxi-Pad Girl and Hijinks! Yup, that’s right, Super-Maxi-Pad-Girl!

(Oh, I also updated my post from Sketchbook Page 1 with Ryan Dow. The previous image sucked azz.)

The Madness of Rev. Josh!

I’ve been following Rev. Josh’s blog off and on for quite some time. From his posts I have concluded that he is an illustrator, cartoonist, graphic designer, urban/street artist, funny-guy/prankster, cat lover and has good taste in Spider-man villains. He used to post new art of Mysterio on Mondays, and it was called “Mysterio Monday!” Since I recently contacted him, he may start doing it again!

He’s talented and funny. Go check out his blog:


Josh sure loves Mysterio!

Here’s a  sticker for a sweet Mysterio crossover!


I found a sh!t ton of sweet Mysterio art while surfing around today. This lil’ number by Xero-Tau is pretty kick ass. I love the coloring. It’s hard to tell if it’s marker or digital. It looks like a good digital marker. Check out more of his vibrant various works here:

Sketchbook Page 1 (Ryan Dow)

I’m going to start posting pages from my Mysterio sketchbook. And to start things off is this funny drawing by Ryan Dow! I like his simplistic style and clean line work. His personal work is primarily auto-bio stuff and can be found at He’s fairly introspective, so go check him out!

Mysterio (The animated gif!)

Found this surfin’ around. Looks like it was based off of Mysterio from Spider-Man: The Animated Series (1994).

Purple Flesh

Here’s another drawing of Mysterio by my friend Lance Ward.

Mysterio by Ward #1

Today my good friend Lance Ward bestowed an awesome gift on to me. It was a sketchbook filled with awesome doodley goodness. And there was a Mysterio or two painted/drawn inside! Here is one of those pieces.

I found this cool Spider-Man pop-up book at a used book store yesterday.
The first couple of spreads told of Spidey’s origin and the following pages
featured a different villain per spread. Guess who was at the very end?
Yup, fish-bowl face! Saved the best for last!


I did find a better photo of the same spread here!

2 Cool Con Sketches

Here are a couple of dope Mysterio con sketches I found at the Blinking Hazards blog!

Mysterio by: Lauren Klein

Mysterio by: Ryan van der Draaij